Emlagh Lodge - Vetinary Centre

About Us & Services

These are some of the service & facilities that are provided at the veterinary centre.

Small animals

Wellness examination: We recommend an annual physical exam for pets. Keep in mind pets age much more rapidly than people and some age related diseases caught in the early stages can often be controlled through medications and even simple dietary changes.

Vaccinations: it is crucial to provide protection to your pet from life threatening diseases. Benefit from advice on nutrition, worming and flea/tick treatments for your pet.

Microchipping service

Grooming: Keep your pet looking and feeling good. Your dog/cat can be checked over by a vet if requested.

Surgery: We are well equipped to perform all routine surgeries for your pet. Isoflurane inhalational anaesthesia used.

X-ray facilities

Dentistry: Advice on best dental care for your pet. Also we perform cleaning, polishing and extractions if required.

In house laboratory: Help in the rapid diagnosis of diseases affecting your pet.

Hospitalisation facilities: Helping to nurse your pet back to health.

  • Routine health checks / consultations / surgery
  • Reproductive services including ultrasound, scanning & artificial insemination
  • In house facilities
  • Timber fenced paddocks

Large animals
  • Ambulatory services
  • In house operating & consultation facilities
  • Herd health advice

Dog grooming service:
Regular grooming results in healthier, happier & more attractive pets. Service includes trimming, clipping, nail trimming, ear cleaning, wash & dry. Anal glands can be checked on request. Please ring to make an appointment.


Opening Hours Monday - Saturday9am - 6pm Surgery Hours Monday - Friday9 - 10am 5 - 5:45pm Saturday12.30 - 1pm